Are GSF and Euro Car Parts the same company?

Are GSF and Eurocarparts same company?

yes they do but they sell it for cheaper and i get it for cost plus 😉 (cant do orders for you before you ask 😀 ) andrew page, euro car parts and gsf are all competitors in the market selling the same stuff.

What does GSF stand for in GSF Car Parts?

Shortly after in 1987, German and Swedish was established by Stan and business partner Maurice Forde. In the year 2000 the company acquired Andyspares, adding French car parts to the range, and was renamed German Swedish and French. In the same year GSF also acquired Autocavan and URO automotive.

What happened to Euro Car Parts?

Euro Car Parts and Andrew Page are to be rebranded as LKQ Euro Car Parts, owner LKQ Europe has confirmed. All branches will move under the new LKQ Euro Car Parts banner as part of a phased roll-out, and all employees will now gain access to the same information and systems.

How much is sukhpal Singh worth?

He is married to Rani Ahluwalia and they have three sons who are also involved in the businesses. As of May 2018, Ahluwalia is the fourth richest refugee in the UK. According to The Sunday Times Rich List 2019, the Ahluwalia family have a net worth of £500 million.

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What are Euro car parts worth?

Ahluwalia was 19 when he bought a struggling auto parts business in London. He sold the company — Euro Car Parts — for £280 million ($375 million) in 2011 after creating thousands of jobs.