At what lube oil pressure will the main engine will activate slow down?

What could trigger the main engine to slow down?

Causes of shut down

Engine over speed. Main and thrust bearing low low oil pressure. Thrust bearing high temperature.

What will you do if main engine auto slowdown happen in your watch?

3. If Main Engine Stops, Move Manoeuvring Handle To STOP Position: If main engine stops due to emergency shutdown or automatic shutdown device, always first move the manoeuvring handle in control to STOP position to ensure the safety of the vessel.

What are the important parameters to be checked when main engine is running?

2. Check All Important Parameters: After starting the lubrication pump, check lube oil levels and all other running pump parameters such as cooling water pressure, fuel oil temp and pressure, control and starting air pressure etc. to ensure that all are in the accepted range.

How do you turn off the main engine?

All you have to do is press CTRL+SHIFT+F1 on PC, or B if you are playing on the Xbox consoles. That will stop and shut down the engine of the plane. This is not the only step that you need to take though. Once you are done shutting down the engine, you need to stop the battery as well.

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What is main engine emergency stop?

If the engine cannot be stopped by normal means and is required to be stopped, then the emergency stop button can be pressed. Manual emergency shutdown can be operated from any of the positions (Bridge, ECR or Local control) regardless of the control position for operating the main engine.

What is immobilization of main engine?

Means any maintenance, repair work, defect or deficiency that means that a vessel’s engine(s) are not available for safe movement. In relation to a vessel, means the person having lawful command or charge of the vessel, but does not include a pilot. The same meaning as the Navigation Act 2012 (Cth).

When bridge control fails it is to be switched to?

It will be necessary to pass control to the Engine Control Room. The Engine will not stop, it will continue at the revs last requested – I.E. if vessel is Full Away on 76 RPM the engine will maintain those revs. The only change to the Bridge OOW is that he/she no longer has direct control of the engine – I.E.

What is the normal operating temperature for the lubricating oil of a diesel engine?

The flash-point of a marine diesel engine lube oil should be above 200°C. This is especially important for the cylinder lubrication, as it acts as a neutralizer to the acidic sulphur residues from combustion of HFO.

What is the normal range of fuel oil temperature of the main engine?

Heating is an essential process, which makes it an integral part of fuel oil treatment. The average temperature maintained for heavy fuel oil bunker tanks is around 40ºC.

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What is the proper procedures for starting main propulsion main engine?

Preparing To Start Ship’s Main Engine

  • Air systems. a) Drain any water present in the starting air system. …
  • Lubricating oil systems. …
  • Cooling water systems. …
  • Slow turning the engine with the turning gear. …
  • Slow turning the engine on starting air (blow through) …
  • Fuel oil system. …
  • Miscellaneous.