Best answer: What are the precautions that has to be considered while starting a DC shunt motor?

What is the most important precautions with a DC shunt motor at the time of starting?

26: What is the most important precaution in any experiment with d.c. shunt motor? Answer: Before switching on d.c. supply, a sufficient resistance should be put in series with the armature of the d.c. shunt motor.

What precautions should be taken when starting DC machine?

Before starting any work, turn off the power and check that the work can be conducted safely. Shut down the operation of your product and motor when any abnormality occurred. It might cause a fire, injury or electric shock. Do not pull or pinch lead wires while the power is on.

What is used for starting DC shunt motor?

A three-point starter helps in starting and running the shunt-wound motor or compound wound DC motor.

What precautions should be taken when working with a DC motor?

Do not pull or pinch lead wires while the power is on. This may can cause an electric shock. Also, do not touch connectors or other live parts while the power is on. Failure to observe this may result in electric shocks.

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Which starter is suitable for starting of a DC series motor?

Two point starter is used in series motors because in case of series motor, the armature winding and field winding are connected in series. Therefore series motor achieves dangerous high speed. So series motor should not be started without any load.

How does a motor behave during its starting operation?

Direct on-line starting

The motor starts with its own characteristics. When it is switched on, the motor behaves like a transformer with its secondary, formed by the very low resistance rotor cage, in short circuit. There is a high induced current in the rotor which results in a current peak in the mains supply.

What does the shunt do in a DC motor?

A shunt motor is a “winding-field DC motor” that generates magnetic field flux using electromagnets. Its field winding and armature winding are connected in parallel. The shunt motor is configured with a stator of concentrated winding and commutator rotor as shown in the figure.