Best answer: What are the two categories of transmission media?

What is transmission media list types?

The electrical signals can be sent through the copper wire, fibre optics, atmosphere, water, and vacuum. The characteristics and quality of data transmission are determined by the characteristics of medium and signal. Transmission media is of two types are wired media and wireless media.

What are the two transmission media for LAN?

For a LAN, the transmission medium can be twisted copper cable, coaxial cable, optical fiber, and radio. The topology, data rates, and medium access protocols will differ for the different media. LANs can be broadly categorized as baseband LANs and broadband LANs.

What are some examples of transmission media?

Describes the type of physical system used to carry a communication signal from one system to another. Examples of transmission media include twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable, and fiber optic cable.

How many types of network media are there?

Network cables. There are three general classes of media types: coaxial cable, twisted pair and fiber optic cable.

What is network media and its types?

Network Media. Network media is the actual path over which an electrical signal travels as it moves from one component to another. This chapter describes the common types of network media, including twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable, fiber-optic cable, and wireless.

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What are the three types of wired transmission media?

Today there three types of wired media now, fiber-optic, coaxial, and twisted pair. The primary advantage of a fiber-optic cable is speed and has been steadily increasing on the capacity to handle more data on the same medium.

What are the different types of wireless transmission media?

Wireless Transmission Media

  • Broadcast Radio. Wireless transmission medium that distributes radio signals through the air over long distances such as between cities, regions, and countries. …
  • BlueTooth. Proposed radio frequency. …
  • Cellular Radio. Broadcast Radio. …
  • Microwaves. …
  • Communications Satellite. …
  • Infared.

What are the main telecommunications transmission media and types of networks?

Six potential media are employed to implement telecommunication links:

  • Twisted pair.
  • Coaxial cable.
  • Fiber Optics cable.
  • Terrestrial Microwave.
  • Satellite Transmission.
  • Radio Transmission.

What are the transmission media used in computer networks?

They are coaxial cable, twisted-pair, satellite, fiber optics & microwave, Thus, this is all about transmission media and there are some factors that are considered when choosing a transmission Medium like rate of transmission, cost, simple installation, and distances.