Can I use a 52v battery on a 36v motor?

Can I use a 48V on a 36V ebike?

Most 36V controllers will support a 48V pack, but the LVC will still be set for a 36V pack, so you’ll need to monitor pack voltage and not let it get too low. You can verify this by opening the controller and checking the caps and fets. If it has 63V main caps it should be fine.

Can I put a higher voltage battery on my ebike?

Ebike power can be boosted by simply turning a ‘pot’ screw, disconnecting the power smoother plug or simply fitting a higher voltage battery. Alternatively, on high spec ebikes where battery and controller are inaccessible, you can fit performance chips.

How can I reduce 48V to 36V?

Simplest way to reduce voltage from ~48v to ~36v

  1. Input is 39-55v, output needs to be between 29-44v.
  2. Current on the wire is 80-120ma.
  3. It would be great it if this could be done proportionally, or with a constant voltage drop, instead of just regulating to a set output.

Can I charge a 48V battery with a 36V charger?

The voltage of the charger must be matched to the voltage of the battery system being charged. A 48 volt charger would see your 36 volt battery system as a very under-charged battery (not being 48 volts) and the net effect would be to damage your batteries attempting to bring them up to 48 volts.

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Is 36V or 48V better?

Basically, a 48V system gives you more “pep in your step” and picks up/speeds up a bit faster than a 36V system. Energy Needed/Amps Drawn- A 48V system draws less amps and provides a little more range with all things being equal (cart/passenger payload weight, motor horsepower, etc).

Is 36V ebike enough?

The power that you need for your e-bike mostly depends on two factors: the terrain you will be riding and your weight. … To achieve a peak power of around 400 watts, your e-bike will need a 12A controller and 36 volts battery (36V x 12A = 432W). This power would be sufficient to take 100 lbs. individual up a hill.

How can I reduce 32V to 24V?

There are several possible techniques that you can use. 1) Use a SMPS to drop the input voltage to the correct value. Depending upon which SMPS power supply you use, you can take several Amps from the 24V output. 2) Place a 8.2V Zener diode in series with the 32V rail.

Can you charge 24v battery with 36V charger?

Yes, because you need more battery voltage. Yes, because you need more battery voltage. A 12V battery requires 1315V to charge with values ​​like 13.8V or 14.4V, which are common for floating and cyclic charging as long as it’s lead acid.

How fast can a 48V EBike go?

How Fast Can A 48v Ebike Go? A 48V electric bike can reach speeds of approximately 20 miles per hour or 32 kmh. But depending on your electric bike, you may be able to hack it and get around speed restrictions and make it go faster.

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