Do you need 2 convertible car seats?

Can a child ride in a 2 seat convertible?

That is by design since California law says there are no exceptions for any child under two years old to be in any seat other than a rear-facing car seat. Today, many car seat manufacturers sell what’s known as convertible car seats. They convert from rear-facing to front-facing as the child grows.

Do you need more than one car seat?

Car seats are essential — you won’t be able to leave the hospital without a rear-facing car seat on hand or installed in your car. While young babies can also ride in a convertible car seat, an infant car seat is specifically designed for newborns.

Can I skip the infant car seat?

Babies outgrow some infant seats relatively quickly. Lots of people find it difficult to squeeze a convertible into the budget after purchasing an infant seat only to use it for less than a year. Skipping the infant seat altogether can save money! A convertible seat is definitely an option.

Can you put a toddler in a 2 seater?

If you have no choice and must place a child in the front (that is, if your car is a two-seater or if the car seat will not fit in the back seat), push the passenger seat as far back as it will go. All kids under 13 years of age should always ride in the back seat, and in the middle of the back seat whenever possible.

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Is it legal to put a carseat in a convertible?

There are no such laws. Convertibles – whether hard- or soft-top – must meet the same safety regulations as any other passenger vehicle. … Most convertibles have much stronger A-pillars and many have roll bars placed behind the rear seat or ones that deploy in a rollover.

Are children safe in convertibles?

Two-seater convertibles, such as the Mazda MX-5 Miata and the BMW Z4, are not kid-friendly. You can’t put a car seat in the front seat, and kids should never ride in the front seat of any car until they are at least 13 years old.

Is infant car seat safer than convertible?

These new results show that for kids around age 1 that convertible seats may provide some additional protection over an infant seat in protecting a child’s head. Safety outweighs inconveniences. … So don’t worry about waking your baby when taking him out of a rear-facing seat. It’s the safer option.

How long can a 3 month old be in a car seat?

However, infant healthcare professionals, safety experts and most car manufacturers recommend that babies should not be in a car seat for longer than 2 hours at a time and they should be taken out frequently. If your trip involves driving for long periods of time, you should stop for regular breaks.