How do you completely discharge a car battery?

How do you fully discharge a battery?

As SgtWookie noted, an incandescent bulb is a good way to discharge a battery since their resistance reduces as the voltage drops, tending to maintain the discharge current. Just use more lamps or a larger lamp to obtain a faster discharge.

Does flattening a car battery damage it?

A battery won’t magically regain charge; if it fails to start the engine, stop trying, as you’ll only flatten it further for no reason. Completely flattening a battery damages it.

How does a car battery become discharged?

When you car battery discharges soon after shutting down the engine, it’s commonly caused by one of three things: Your battery may have reached the end of its service life (often 4 or 5 years). A parasitic drain is depleting battery power. A problem in an electrical system is affecting battery power.

Can a completely dead battery be recharged?

If a battery is completely dead but has been revived by a jump start, there are ways to fully recharge your battery. The first is, as mentioned, by driving around. … Keeping a car battery plugged in for twenty four hours can fully recharge your battery, and chargers are typically quite affordable.

Why is my car battery 17 volts?

Re: battery at 17 volts while car is running

Then double check the charging rate. Check your voltage meter to be sure that it is functioning properly and is set to the right scale. 17 volts is getting into the danger zone for the electronics.

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How low can you discharge a 12 volt battery?

No 12-volt battery will remain at over 14 volts for more than seconds unless it’s being charged. The lowest limit is 10.5 volts (used in testing) and obviously unsatisfactory in practical use. Experienced RVers try to use no more than 20% to 50% of the energy available in a battery before recharging.