How does a marine engine start?

What is the proper procedures for starting main propulsion main engine?

Preparing To Start Ship’s Main Engine

  • Air systems. a) Drain any water present in the starting air system. …
  • Lubricating oil systems. …
  • Cooling water systems. …
  • Slow turning the engine with the turning gear. …
  • Slow turning the engine on starting air (blow through) …
  • Fuel oil system. …
  • Miscellaneous.

What does starting an engine initially require?

To make an engine start it must be turned at some speed, so that it sucks fuel and air into the cylinders , and compresses it. The powerful electric starter motor does the turning. … The starter needs a heavy electric current , which it draws through thick wires from the battery .

What parameters are to be confirmed before starting an engine?

Check All Important Parameters: After starting the lubrication pump, check lube oil levels and all other running pump parameters such as cooling water pressure, fuel oil temp and pressure, control and starting air pressure etc. to ensure that all are in the accepted range.

What is the proper procedure for starting auxiliary engine?


  1. Ship Auxiliary Engine can be start in 3 ways.
  2. > Auto start.
  3. > Manual Start.
  4. > Emergency start.
  5. In this method operators have to do nothing, the engine starts automatically and comes in on load according to the power requirement.
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How do you turn off the main engine?

You can stop a diesel engine by shutting off the fuel or air supply. You can shut off the fuel supply by placing the throttle or the throttle control in the STOP position. If the engine installation permits, it is a good idea to allow the engine to idle, without load, for a short time before you stop it.