Question: How many subjects are there in electrical engineering?

How many subjects are there in EEE engineering?

Tech EEE branch subjects include power system, control engineering, circuits and systems, signal processing, power electronics, programming, etc. The curriculum is split into eight semesters.

Semester Wise B. Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering Syllabus.

Control System Power System Analysis

Can I do engineering after 10th?

The candidates who have passed class 10th or 12th can apply for admission to Diploma in Engineering. … After completing a degree in Diploma, the candidates can go for B. Tech which collectively takes them 6 years to complete their engineering (3 years diploma + 3 years B.

Which engineering is very easy?

1) CSE/ISE – Computer Science engineering or Information science engineering : One of the most demandable and most preffererd engg in the country. From Health care to banking , in each and every fireld the computers are put into use, so the software developers, web developers are required for every field.

Is EEE engineering easy?

EEE: In EEE the competition is not very tough and the availability of jobs too are good. … Industries manufacturing large electrical machines and equipment employ engineers in design, production and testing.

What is the salary of EEE?

The average salary for an Electrical Engineer is ₹4,12,800 per year (₹34,400 per month), which is ₹25,300 (+7%) higher than the national average salary in India. An Electrical Engineer can expect an average starting salary of ₹1,80,000. The highest salaries can exceed ₹10,00,000.

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Which is better EEE or ECE?

Electronics and communication (ECE) is more software oriented while EEE is a core subject dealing with machines. ECE has more job scope in private sector while EEE has more scope in government sector. So to put it simply, if you are interested in coding, the ECE is better for you.

Which engineering is best for girls?

Which engineering is best for girl

  • Architecture: This is a potential field for those girls who are interested in designing, plotting, and interiors. …
  • Computer Science/ Information Technolgy: This stream is the most in-demand branch. …
  • Biotechnology: This is an upcoming sector which is expected to grow at a good rate.

How many types of engineer are there?

What are the 6 main types of engineers? There are now 6 major branches of engineering: Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Management, and Geotechnical, and literally hundreds of different subcategories of engineering under each branch.

Which engineering field is best?

Here are the best engineering branches and courses for the future:

  • Aerospace Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • Petroleum Engineering.
  • Telecommunication Engineering.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Robotics Engineering.
  • Biochemical Engineering.