Question: Which DC motor is preferred for cranes and hoists?

Which type of motor is used for lifting purpose in crane?

Answer: As the purpose of the crane is to lift heavy load through rope or chains, so it demands a kind of motor, which has a very high starting torque to lift the load at low current. Squirrel cage induction motor has the problem of low starting torque due to low resistance.

Which type of DC motor is used in elevators?

Which of these types of motor is used in elevators? DC series motor.

Which of the following motor is used in hoist and traction?

Explanation: DC motors are used for traction as, according to the characteristics of DC motors speed is inversely proportional to torque and square of armature current as well, if linear magnetization is concerned. Thus, DC motors are perfectly suitable for traction. 2.

What type of drive is used for AC hoist motor control?

Variable frequency drives are a type of AC motor controller that drive an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage allowing for precise speed, energy efficiency and digital diagnostics.

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Which DC motor is used for the conveyor?

So that, the DC series motor is used in conveyors as it provides very high starting torque, which is practically 5 times the rated torque.

Why DC motors are preferred over AC?

Because DC motors have higher starting torque compared to AC motors, they are preferred for applications like electrical traction. They are considered ideal for dealing with heavy loads for starting conditions in machines such as locomotives and cranes.

Which motor is preferred in elevators?

Lifts are preferred by AC slip ring or DC compound motor. In case of single phase installation, the commutator motors are preferred. Variable Frequency drive electronic controls are used in the latest lift designs.

Which DC motor is preferred for constant speed?

DC Shunt-wound motor: This is an almost constant speed motor and its torque varies nearly as the current.

Which DC motors will be preferred for machine tools?

Which D.C. motor will be preferred for machine tools?

  • A. Series motor.
  • Shunt motor.
  • Cumulative compound motor.
  • Differential compound motor.

Which of the following motors are preferred for Travelling cranes?

Synchronous motor. For crane travel, trolley travel and boom hoist of traveling crane requires high starting torque and constant speed in operation. Hence slip ring induction motor is preferred.

Which motor is usually used in DC system of traction?

Traditionally, these were series-wound brushed DC motors, usually running on approximately 600 volts. The availability of high-powered semiconductors (thyristors and the IGBT) has now made practical the use of much simpler, higher-reliability AC induction motors known as asynchronous traction motors.

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Which motors is preferred for traction work?

DC series motor is best suited for DC traction, cranes as it provides high starting torque and easy speed control which is primary requirement of DC traction.