Should a blower motor spin freely?

Is a blower motor supposed to spin freely?

If the fan turns at all without forcing, it should spin when powered up. If the fan turns freely or not is not a definitive indication that is good or bad.

Should a fan motor spin freely by hand?

The fan blades should spin very freely, if the blade doesn’t spin freely the fan motor should be replaced. If power is getting to the fan motor but the fan motor still does not run, it may be burned out.

What are the signs of a bad blower motor?

You might also hear ongoing whirring noises, or noises that change or get louder if you increase the fan speed. These are all signs of problems with the blower motor. In some cases, you may even notice smoke or smells of burning while driving, in which case you should pull over immediately.

When should AC condenser fan run?

Normally the condenser fan motor should be running when the compressor is running. Power ( 115 volts AC ) to the motor and it is not running is a bad fan motor.

Do blower motors get weak?

Weak airflow is a sign of blower motor failure. This part wears out eventually, meaning its fans can no longer push adequate amount of air out the vents or through window defrosters.

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What happens when a blower motor resistor goes bad?

If the resistor shorts or fails, it may cause the blower motor to remain stuck on one fan speed. The heating and air conditioning systems may still function at one speed, however the resistor will have to be replaced in order for full functionality to be restored.

Why does my blower motor work sometimes?

When a resistor fails, the fan will often run only at higher speeds or the highest speed, no matter what fan speed is selected. … If little air is coming through the vents (hot or cold), then it could be because the blower motor for the fan or a switch or resistor that controls fan speed isn’t working.