Should outboard motor be up or down when trailering?

Do you tow a boat with the motor up or down?

Re: Towing Position of Outboard

If you have the clearance it is always best to trailer with engine down. That puts the least stress on the transom because you are minimizing torque on the transom and the lift mechanism.

How do you support an outboard when trailering?

Most engine and boat brands recommend bracing the lower unit when it’s tilted for trailering to alleviate stress induced by road vibrations and jolts to the hydraulic tilt-and-trim system and the boat’s transom. Today the choice boils down to one of two means of support: a motor tote or a traditional transom saver.

Can you transport an outboard on its side?

It’s almost never a good idea to lay an outboard motor down on its side or back. … Mercury Marine recommends upright storage to allow the water to drain from the motor, but Mercury also says that a motor may be stored on its side after the water has drained completely.

When would you use a transom saver?

lower unit of your outboard engine to your boat trailer. The transom saver prevents the engine from drifting from side to side and, in general, will keep the engine in place while trailering – particularly when you do not have the clearance to trim your outboard all the way down.

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Are transom savers necessary?

the correct answer is,yes,you need a transom saver. even though boats are designed to flex and move in the water,they are not designed to be rigidly mounted to a trailer with a motor bouncing on the back that is flexing and stressing the transom with every bounce.