What does a transmission kickdown do?

Why would you use kickdown?

Why would you use kick-down? Explanation: The action of sharply pressing the accelerator to the floor (kick-down) will send a signal to the transmission to select a lower gear. This is useful when wanting to accelerate briskly, such as when overtaking another vehicle.

Is kickdown bad for the car?

No, unless the engine speed increases excessively (in an emergency you will accept this for braking). Just about any vehicle will deny kickdown if your road speed is too high “at that time”. It will put stress on your drivetrain, but this should be well within design parameters.

What is the kick down on a transmission?

Kickdown can be used when maximum acceleration is needed, e.g. when passing. When the accelerator pedal is depressed all the way to the floor (past the normal full accelerator position), the transmission will automatically engage kickdown, i.e. immediately shift down to a lower gear.

What happens when a kickdown cable goes bad?

However it can also be caused by a faulty or worn out kickdown cable. If the cable is not engaging or is slipping, then it will be very hard to produce a smooth gear change when needed. The cable can be damaged due to aggressive driving where the automatic transmission makes multiple up and down shifts.

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When would you use kickdown in a car?

Kick-downOnly possible with automatic gearbox. is used when maximum acceleration is needed, such as for overtaking. When the accelerator pedal is pressed all the way to the floor (beyond the position normally regarded as full acceleration) a lower gear is immediately engaged. This is known as kick-down.

Do all automatic cars have kickdown?

Almost all automatic cars have the kickdown feature. Earlier automatics, or basic modern automatics simply have a switch that’s activated by the driver pressing the accelerator pedal to the floor. When the switch is activated, kickdown occurs, resulting in the downshift of one gear.

Why does my gas pedal click when I floor it?

It’s the kickdown switch, it’s in the owners manual. It’s not even a real button, just a metal indent that clicks when forced. When the throttle is at the point the car down****s into the lowest possible gear for the speed you’re at.

Can I drive without a kickdown cable?

Shouldn’t be a problem. The cable adjusts system pressure, so shift pressure. With the cable fully retracted it will shift lazy/slip a lot, if the cable was pulled fully out it will shift more firmly, less slip.

What are kick downs?

: a change to lower gear in an automotive vehicle also : the manually operated or automatic device for making such a change.

What does a kickdown solenoid do?

The kickback solenoid is located within the transmission of your car. It helps the car to down-shift easier, while at the same time maintaining the desired level of torque as well as speed. In some models, such as the Porsche, this solenoid process may be activated once the vehicle drops below a certain speed.

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