What happens if RAC can’t fix my car?

Do RAC pay for repairs?

Although we will charge for replacement parts, fuel and batteries, your breakdown cover membership does include free fitting and labour for any replacements we provide, so you only pay for the cost of the part. We’ll even recycle your old battery for you.

How long can RAC make you wait?

The average wait time for roadside recovery is 40-60 minutes and, because you might need to stand away from your vehicle until help arrives, keep a warm coat, a reflective, high-visibility vest, and a torch in the boot. We hope you’ll never have a use for them, but you’ll be glad of them should a breakdown ever occur.

What is RAC emergency driver?

Included in the fee you will pay is an emergency call-out charge which covers you for assistance at the roadside or at home on the day you call along with a 12 month PAYG membership. If we can’t get you going again we’ll give you a tow of up to 10 miles to either an address of your choosing or a local garage.

Will RAC fix my car?

The RAC will always try to fix your vehicle there and then. Or if we can’t, we’ll tow you to a garage for repair. Because breakdowns at home are so common, the RAC now includes home rescue as standard – for new members buying breakdown cover online.

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Are RAC mechanics?

Keeping our Motorists Moving – RAC Service Patrol

So they’re more than trained mechanics: they’re the ultimate ‘peoples people’, able to put customers at ease as well as an expert in the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.

Do RAC fix flat Tyres?

Normal RAC patrols fix the majority of punctures at the roadside or use the RAC’s new universal wheel, but this new tyre-fitting service will complement the experienced patrol force. … The team is supported by the RAC’s regional network of tyre suppliers and will be able to respond swiftly to tyre-related breakdowns.

Does RAC cover accident recovery?

Even if you are at fault for an accident, as an RAC Business Breakdown customer, unlike most breakdown providers, we can still come and recover your vehicle. In addition to recovery, you can also benefit from free accident and legal advice.

Does RAC cover cars over 10 years old?

Can I cover 10 or more cars? Yes, RAC Business Breakdown covers vehicles from 1-99. … No, we cover vehicles of all ages. The only exception is our Battery Replace breakdown extra product which is only available to purchase on vehicles less than 15 years old and with mileage less that 150,000.

What does RAC cover you for?

Personal cover means an individual is covered in any vehicle, both as a driver and a passenger. With the RAC, you can buy personal cover for up to 5 people living in the same household. Have peace of mind that you’re personally covered in any vehicle – including cars, hybrids, motorbikes, any other vehicles.

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How do I contact RAC breakdown?

Please call our Membership team on 0330 159 0739. They’ll take a few details from you and be able to help straight away. Don’t worry, though, if you need to use the service you can simply call 0333 2000 999 quoting your membership number.