What is a top tether on a car seat?

Does top tether go over headrest?

Most pickups instruct you to guide the tether strap through the routing loop behind the headrest on the seat you’re using. … We recommend that you test your car seat in your vehicle before using it with your child to ensure that you’re able to get a secure installation.

Do you use tether with high-back booster?


TETHER STRAP: None of the high-back boosters (that weren’t part of a combination seat) currently come with a tether strap. LOWER ANCHOR STRAP: Most booster seats do not come with lower anchor connectors – however, some do.

How do you tether a car seat without an anchor?

Put the seat belt in the automatic locking mode

  1. Find the seat belt path in your car seat. …
  2. Insert the seat belt strap into the car-seat belt path. …
  3. After the belt is all the way out – insert the belt slack back into the retractor. …
  4. Now pull up on the seat belt strap. …
  5. Small kids require forward facing car seat.

How tight does top tether need to be?

Tips to check your Top Tether is attached & tightened correctly: Ensure the Top Tether Strap is taut, but not over-tight (over-tightening could cause the restraint to lift off the vehicle seat) Make sure there are minimal twists in the Top Tether Strap (up to one full twist is allowed)

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