What is behind a car bumper?

What is under the front bumper?

It’s an Air Dam. Course in your case it might be called an air damn!

What holds the front bumper in place?

A bumper bracket is the part which keeps your bumper firmly on your car. You usually have more than one, and these metal pieces attach to the front and sides of your car’s frame. Because the brackets are responsible for keeping your bumper where it belongs, it is important to replace them after an accident.

What is the black plastic under the car called?

It’s called an “air dam” and it’s purpose is to stop as much air as possible from going under your car to reduce air drag and keep “down force” on your front end.

What is black plastic behind front bumper?

On convertibles, it’s a metal skid plate. On coupes, it’s a plastic splash shield.

What do crash bars do on a car?

The bar can also protect the engine, fuel tank, and other components of the vehicle itself. With a motorcycle crash bar installed, a rider can increase the likelihood of avoiding potentially catastrophic injuries and fiery crashes.

What is the front bottom of a car called?

It is called the Trunk in the United States. Bonnet: The metal lid at the front of the car that covers the motor. It is called the Hood in United States. … Bumper: The bar at the front and back of the car the helps protects the car when it is hit. It is sometimes called the Fender in United States.

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How do you put a front bumper back on?

How to Reattach a Bumper

  1. Ensure that you park the car on level ground with the wheels facing forward. Allow plenty of clearance on all sides of the vehicle. …
  2. Place the fascia back on the bumper, centering it on the car. …
  3. Insert push-in retainers (also known as “push pins”) into the fascia.