Where is the fuse for the heater blower motor?

How do you check a blower motor fuse?

Disconnect car battery. Detach the blower motor from its connector. Unscrew all the screws on the blower motor. Place them in small container.

If the blower motor isn’t running you should:

  1. Use voltmeter or ohmmeter to check for a blown fuse. …
  2. Start car and see if blower motor works.

Does a blower motor have a fuse?

The blower motor pushes the warm or cold air through your vehicle’s ventilation system. The blower motor is powered by a fuse-like device called a relay. … While replacement is easy, the exact location of your blower motor fuse may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

How can you tell if a blower fuse is blown?

How to check the blower motor fuse? With the fuse box located and the blower, motor fuse identified, go ahead and remove it and check the filament. If it’s broken, the fuse is blown.

Where is the blower fuse located?

Many vehicles have two fuses for the blower motor, one in the interior fuse block and the other under the hood. The blower motor is usually under the dashboard on the passenger side.

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Where is the blower motor fuse and relay?

Under the instrument panel, look under the glove box. On the right side of the fender wall you will find another fuse box. The blower motor fuse is easy to replace.

Which fuse is for the blower motor?

To protect the blower motor power circuit, a 20-, 25- or 30-amp fuse is usually located in the fuse panel under the dash. The rating of the fuse will depend on the vehicle application and how much power the blower motor requires at full speed.

What can cause a blower motor to stop working?

In a situation where the motor doesn’t work on any speed, the most likely causes are: a blown power supply fuse, a bad motor ground connection, bad motor speed control module or a failed motor. On all systems, a failed blower motor is least likely.

Where is the blower motor fuse 2012 Impala?

The 2012 Chevy Impala blower motor fuse location is in the fuse box. To get to the fuse box look to the left of the steering wheel look for a small seam or crack along the dash. Using a screwdriver or prybar You will want to pop this open. On the inside, You will find a bunch of fuses.

What happens when blower motor relay goes bad?

If you have a faulty blower motor, you may experience low airflow from the vents, even when the fan is on high. There will be no air coming from the vents if your fan isn’t working due to a bad blower motor resistor.

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Why does my blower motor fuse keep blowing?

Blown fuses

If the blower motor relay develops any sort of problem that hinders its ability to properly limit and distribute power, it may cause the blower motor fuse to blow. Any sort of electrical spikes or excessive current from a bad relay will blow the fuse and cut power in order to protect the system.