Who made the first internal combustion engine?

When was the first internal combustion engine invented?

Karl Benz was a German mechanical engineer who designed and, in 1885, built the world’s first practical automobile to be powered by an internal-combustion engine.

Did Henry Ford invent the internal combustion engine?

Answer and Explanation: Henry Ford did not invent the internal combustion engine. The first gas-powered internal combustion engine was invented in 1864 by Nicholas Otto, but the ability to make a cost-efficient automobile would not become a reality for over 30 years.

Who invented diesel engine?

When did Henry Ford invent the combustion engine?

This was to be his life’s work. Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford. Photo Credit: Library of Congress. One day in 1885, the twenty-three-year old apprentice machinist Henry Ford came into contact for the first time in his life with the gas-powered internal combustion engine.

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