Why Delta Connection is used in induction motor?

Why most of the induction motors are Delta connected?

In industries Low Tension i.e. low voltage Motors like Motors supplied by three phase 415 V are normally have Stator connected in Delta while High Tension i.e. Motors supplied by high voltage like 6.6 kV have Stator connected in Star configuration. The reason behind this is technical while making the Motor economical.

Why do we use delta connection?

Delta connection is generally preferred where neutral conductor is not needed like for transmission of high voltage power. Also, delta connection is preferred where 3rd harmonics needs to controlled. Star and delta connections are almost used everywhere when we talk about 3 phase system.

Are induction motors Wye or Delta?

Twelve-lead induction motors will almost always run connected delta. If only a couple of leads are unmarked, you may be able to restore numbering by process of elimination. Otherwise, ask a service center; they have reliable procedures for identifying leads.

Why HV motors are star connected?

In the high voltage motor, the current is often small, and the insulation grade of the motor is required to be higher, so the insulation of the motor with star connection is better and more economical.

What are the advantages of ∆ ∆ connection?

The advantage of ∆ – ∆ Transformation:

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The delta-delta connection is good for balanced and unbalanced loading. If a third harmonic is present, it circulates in the closed path and therefore does not appear in the output voltage wave.

What is Delta connected load?

The delta-connected load will see a phase voltage that is the same as the line voltage, or 173.2 volts. … As the load is delta-connected, the line current is the load current times √3. The generator phase current will be the same as the line current.