Why induction motors are not suitable for electric traction?

Why induction motor is used in traction?

This is the most important feature of traction motor provides opportunity for saving on energy but also smoothness in braking, saving on wear and tear in mechanical braking system. An Induction motor works as a generator if mechanical speed is more than the synchronous speed.

Which motor is most suitable for electric traction?

Many single phase ac motors have been developed for traction purposes but only compensated series type commutator motor is found to be best suited for traction. Single phase induction motors have been abandoned as they are not capable of developing high starting torque.

What is the disadvantage of induction motor?

Induction Motor Disadvantages:

3 phase induction motors have poor starting torque and high have in rush currents. … Induction motors always operate under lagging power factor and during light load conditions they operate at very worst power factor (0.2 to 0.4 lagging).

Which induction motor is used in traction?

Several drives employing squirrel cage induction motors and synchronous motors are in use for traction. Variable frequency control is used both for induction motors and synchronous motors. Modes of operation of an induction motor traction drive are shown in figure 2.

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What is the difference between induction motor traction motor?

An induction motor does not require contacts inside the motor. These AC motors are simpler, and more reliable than the old DC motors. AC induction motors known as asynchronous traction motors. … Usually, the traction motor is mounted between the wheel frame and the driven axle.

Why DC series motor is suitable for electric traction?

DC Series motor has high rate of acceleration and retardation. DC Series motor is variable speed motor. Due to these characteristics motor is protected against overload. … DC series motor has develops high torque at low speeds, low torque at high speed, this is the basic requirement of traction unit.

Which braking is not suitable for motors?

Rheostat braking. In case of regenerative braking back emf is greater than the supply voltage. In series motor back emf cannot exceed the supply voltage. So regenerative braking is not possible.

Which motor is not suitable for regenerative braking?

1. Regenerative braking is not possible in a series motor. Explanation: In regenerative braking, the motor acts as a generator. The back emf is more than the terminal voltage in case of regenerative braking.

Which type of DC motor is used for electric traction?

1. DC shunt motor is a constant speed motor but for traction purpose, the speed of the motor should vary with service conditions. 2. In case of DC shunt motor, the power output is independent of speed and is proportional to torque.