You asked: What is meant by speed control of dc motor?

What is meant by speed control?

: equipment designed to operate automatically under certain conditions to keep the speed of a railroad train within a predetermined rate.

What is motor speed control?

Motor speed controllers are electronic devices that control motor speed. They take a signal for the needed speed and drive a motor to that speed. There are a variety of motor speed controllers available.

Why do we control speed of DC motor?

DC Motors plays an important role in energy conversion process. It is a machine which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. In mechanical system, speed varies with number of task so speed control is necessary to do mechanical work in a proper way. It makes motor to operate easily.

What is the purpose of speed control?

What is a speed control and what does it do? But what purpose does the electronic speed control serve, exactly? It is used to influence the rotational speed of motors and machinery. This has a direct effect on the operation of the machine and is crucial for the quality and the outcome of the work.

What are the speed control techniques of DC motors?

There are three main ways to achieve speed regulation in series DC motors–flux control, voltage control, and armature resistance control.

  • Flux Control Method. …
  • Voltage Regulation Method. …
  • Armature Resistance Control Method.
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