Your question: Which mirror is used in car side mirror?

Are rear view mirrors used in cars concave or convex?

Convex mirrors are used as rear-view mirrors in motor vehicles because they form virtual, erect and diminished images irrespective of distances of the object. Convex mirror helps the driver to view large areas of the traffic behind him and he can easily detect the vehicle coming or running behind him.

Are car mirrors concave or convex?

In the U.S., passenger-side mirrors are convex (curved slightly outward), whereas driver-side mirrors are flat.

Why concave mirror is used in cars?

Concave mirror is used in headlights of vehicles, because when the bulb of headlight is placed at focus of concave mirror, it allows the light to spread out to infinity (longer distances). A concave mirror is a converging mirror as opposed to a convex mirror which is a diverging mirror.

Which mirror is used as a side rear view mirror of a vehicle Why?

(b) A convex mirror is used as side rear view mirror, because its field of view is larger and it forms virtual, erect and diminished images of objects behind.

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