Frequent question: Which DC motor is used for conveyor?

Which DC motor is used for machine tools?

For machine tools, which DC motor can be used? Explanation: Shunt characteristics is the speciality of DC shunt motor. The speed of the motor almost remains constant on various loads, thus it suits perfectly to the application, where speed requirement is constant like in machine tools.

In which things DC motor is used?

At home, small DC motors are used in tools, toys and various household appliances. In retail, the applications of DC motors include conveyors and turntables, while in an industrial setting, large DC motor uses also include braking and reversing applications.

Which DC motor is preferred for crane and hoist?

Which DC motor is generally preferred for cranes and hoists? Explanation: DC series motor is used where high starting torque is required, thus in cranes and hoists DC series motor is used widely.

Which motor is used in elevators?

Lifts are preferred by AC slip ring or DC compound motor. In case of single phase installation, the commutator motors are preferred. Variable Frequency drive electronic controls are used in the latest lift designs.

Are elevators AC or DC?

Also DC is typically preferred for easier RPM control (like in trains, tramcars, etc) but this is not a problem for elevators – they typically use two-speed three-phase AC motors and speeds are changed by switching the number of poles.

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Which DC motor is used in shears and punches?

Which DC motor is used in shears and punches? Explanation: Cumulative compound DC motor provides high starting torque which is required at instant of starting in shears and punches. It also provides good speed regulation in order to vary pressure.

Which motor is suitable for lathe machine?

DC shunt motor is used for driving constant speed line shafts, lathes, vacuum cleaners, wood-working machines, laundry washing machines, elevators, conveyors, grinders and small printing presses etc.

What is unsaturated DC machine?

Armature reaction of unsaturated DC machine results in cross – magnetizing effect. Armature reaction distorts the main flux, hence the position of M.N.A. … While for a loaded dc motor, MNA will be shifted in the direction opposite to that of the rotation.

Which motor is used in machine tools?

The great majority of machine tools are driven by alternating-current three-phase induction motors. These motors are simple, reliable and inexpensive. Direct-current motors are not so common and are used mainly to drive heavy, machine tools.