Frequent question: Why the DC motors are preferred for traction applications *?

Which DC motor is generally preferred for?

Which DC motor is generally preferred for cranes and hoists? Explanation: DC series motor is used where high starting torque is required, thus in cranes and hoists DC series motor is used widely. Torque-speed characteristics of DC series motor suits perfectly to these applications.

Why is the DC motor preferred over AC motor?

Because DC motors have higher starting torque compared to AC motors, they are preferred for applications like electrical traction. They are considered ideal for dealing with heavy loads for starting conditions in machines such as locomotives and cranes.

Which type of motor will be preferred if a DC motor is to be selected for lips?

Hence squirrel cage induction motor or dc shunt motors are preferred. Aids applied voltage.

In which of the following applications DC series motor is used?

Explanation: DC series motors are used in those applications where high starting speed is required at its initial phase. Since no load operation speed of DC series motor is very high, it is always operated on some non-zero load.

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Which of the following motor is preferred for automatic drives?

Ward Leonard method of speed control is used for controlling the speed of a DC motor. It is a basic armature control method. It is preferred for automatic drives.

Why DC motor is preferred for smaller rated applications compared to induction motor?

DC motors have the advantage of: higher starting torque, quick starting and stopping, reversing, variable speeds with voltage input and they are easier and cheaper to control than AC. … While the market for AC motors is larger than DC, it can be challenging to find AC solutions with fractional horsepower ratings.

Why are DC motors used?

DC motors offer highly controllable speed. By changing the armature or field voltage it’s possible to achieve wide speed variation and with this level of controllability, DC motors offer the precision required by a wide range of industry applications.

Why are DC motors more efficient?

They run faster than induction motors due to the fact that the speed is reduced by the slip of the asynchronous motor. … In fact, the DC motor is 30% more efficient than AC motors due to the secondary magnetic field being generated from the permanent magnets rather than copper windings.