Quick Answer: What is a category M vehicle?

What is an M vehicle?

M. Vehicles having at least four wheels and used for the carriage of passengers (e.g., standard car with 2, 3, 4 doors). 2.2.1. M1. Vehicles used for carriage of passengers, comprising not more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s = 9.

What is M and N category vehicles?

A motor vehicle with at least four wheels used for carrying passengers is categorized as ‘M’. While a motor vehicle with at least four wheels used for carrying goods, which may also carry persons in addition to goods – fall under category ‘N’.

What is an L category vehicle?

L-category vehicles are a classification of road transport vehicles that range from powered two/three-wheelers (motorbikes, mopeds etc), quadricycles and ‘micro cars’.

What does M1 mean on logbook?

M1 vehicles – passenger cars. M2 and M3 vehicles – buses and coaches. N1 vehicles – light goods vehicles (up to 3,500kgs) N2 and N3 vehicles – heavy goods vehicles (over 3,500kgs)

How do I know if my BMW is M Sport?

An easy way to distinguish between the two is by the badge on the trunk. A 340i with the M Sport package, for instance, will just say ‘340i’; the M Performance version, the BMW M340i, though will actually say ‘M340i. ‘ And while M Sport is mostly about looks, M Performance adds genuine speed.

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What is Category A on driving Licence?

You have an entitlement to drive certain vehicles as soon as you get a full driving licence. These are: Category A – Light motorcycles with an engine of up to 125cc. Category AM – two-wheeled or 3-wheeled vehicles with a maximum speed of more than 15.5mph, but not more than 28mph.

Can you change a vehicle from N1 to M1?

You will not change from an N1 to M1 as Bobley says. So I think you need to reclassify to a Motorhome to be legal for car speed limits. If a motorhome is carrying ‘goods’ it reverts to van speed limits too.

What is L5 category?

L5 – A three wheeled motor vehicle with maximum speed exceeding 25 kmph andengine capacity exceeding 25 cc if fitted with a thermic engine, or motor power exceeding 0.25 kW if fitted with electric motor.

What is a category B1 vehicle?

A B1 driving licence category would be motor vehicles not exceeding 550kg and a C1 category driving licence (large goods vehicle) allows you to drive vehicles weighing between 3,500 and 7,500kg. See below a list of the latest driving licence category codes and descriptions issued by the DVLA.

What is a Class 4 M1?

category M1 vehicle A vehicle with 4 or more wheels used for the carriage of passengers, with no more than 8 passenger seats in addition to the driver’s seat. … This includes dual purpose vehicles, motor caravans and ambulances.