What happened to the inventor of the diesel engine?

Who Killed Rudolph Diesel?

29, 1913, Diesel disappeared from a steamer en route to London. His body was recovered on the shore days later. The circumstances surrounding his death are still a mystery. Some believe he may have committed suicide, while others speculate that he was murdered by coal industrialists.

Who was the man that invented the diesel engine?

Who was Mr diesel?

listen); 18 March 1858 – 29 September 1913) was a German inventor and mechanical engineer, famous for the invention of the Diesel engine.

Rudolf Diesel
Born Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel18 March 1858 Paris, Second French Empire
Died 29 September 1913 (aged 55) English Channel
Resting place North Sea

Why was diesel invented?

Early Diesel Engine History

Enter Rudolf Diesel. Diesel was a student learning about thermodynamics at the time, and he got the idea for creating an engine that would be highly efficient and convert the heat it generated into power. He got to work developing what would become the diesel engine.

What sparked Rudolf Diesel’s fascination?

Inspired by work of Sadi Carnot, specifically the Carnot cycle which focused on thermal efficiency, Diesel conducted several experiments with a variety of different designs5. One such experiment led him to create a steam engine that used ammonia in its power making process.

Where did Rudolf Diesel get his education?

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