What transmission is in a 6 4 Powerstroke?

Are 6.0 and 6.4 transmission the same?

Yes a 6.0 converter will work fine in a 6.4 trans.

What transmission does a 6.0 Powerstroke have?

6.0L Powerstroke Specifications

Engine: 6.0L Powerstroke
Transmissions: 5-Speed 5R110W Torqshift Automatic ZF6 6-Speed Manual
Displacement: 6.0 Liters or 365 Cubic Inches
Bore: 3.74 inches or 95 mm
Stroke: 4.134 inches or 105 mm

What is the difference between 5R110 and 5R110W?

Registered. Does that mean that the 5R110 and 5R110W are interchangeable? Since the only difference is internals.

What transmission does a 7.3 have?

7.3L Powerstroke Specifications

Years It Was Used: 1994.5-2003
Transmissions: 1994-1998 E40D 4-Speed Auto transmission ZF S5-47 5-Speed Manual Transmission 1999-2003 4R110 4-Speed Auto Transmission ZF S6-650 6-Speed Manual Transmission
Displacement: 7.3 Liters or 444 cubic inches
Engine Weight: 920 lbs

How much HP can a stock 6.0 Powerstroke handle?

Even a decade ago, before PCM tuning was anywhere near as refined as it is now, several 6.0L owners proved the 6.0L’s bottom end could withstand 700-rwhp. Today, a lot of serious enthusiasts conclude that the 800 hp 6.0 Power Stroke range gets you into unchartered waters with a 6.0L.

Is the 5R110 a good transmission?

The 5R110 transmission from Ford has backed both 6.0L and 6.4L Power Stroke engines and is generally considered to be a pretty decent transmission. … If you’re good to the transmission, not overheating or overloading it and maintain it properly, it can last for years at power levels approaching 500 horsepower, he added.

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What powerstroke to avoid?

Stay away from the 6.0’s(commonly known as 6-leakers) and the 6.4’s(commonly known as sootbags). I believe that the 2002/2003 7.3 powerstroke is one of the best diesels ever made, even with the tranny situation. After that, the 1997 PS was also a good one for longivity and reasonable power.

What transmission is on a 2004 f350 6.0 Powerstroke?

Used Transmission

Year 2004
Options AT 5R110W (TorqShift) 8-366 (6.0L, diesel) 4×4 w/o PTO
Transmission Tag 3C3P-GK, 4C3P-KB
Transmission Code TorqShift
Transmission Speed 5

Are all 5R110W transmissions the same?

The only two things that are different are the torque converter and the intermediate one way clutch. The torque converter won’t work with a 6.0L for a couple reasons. The intermediate one way clutch is better in the 6.8L trans, so no worries there.

How much transmission fluid does a 5R110W hold?

The capacity of these units is upwards of 18-20 qts depending on cooler, pan etc.