Who made Revotron engine?

Who makes engines for Tata Motors?

Designed at Tata Motors’ in-house facility in Pune, the engines have been indigenously developed with inputs from renowned global technology suppliers like AVL, Bosch, Mahale and Honeywell, the company said.

Is Revotron engine made in India?

Tata Motors Petrol Engine: Tata Motors launches its first locally made petrol engine ‘Revotron’ – Times of India.

Are Tata petrol engines reliable?

We haven’t experienced the petrol engine too much, but it is better than the other Tata petrol cars. The other ones have been not so reliable on even the Zest and Bolt we have had some complaints but none with this new petrol engine. … The engine has decent performance and even the mileage is good.

Who is CEO of Tata Motors?

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