Is there a special antifreeze for diesel engines?

What kind of coolant do you put in a diesel?

Conventional Coolants

ELC contained inhibitors known as OAT (Organic Acid Technology) or Nitrited Organic Acid Technology (NOAT), which deplete slower than traditional inorganic silicate and phosphate compounds. This type of coolant can be used for up to 300,000 miles or 6,000 hours of engine operation.

Can you use Prestone antifreeze in a diesel engine?

Prestone Command HD Coolant/Antifreeze is also compatible with all OAT Extended Life HD Antifreeze/Coolant, and can be used by any diesel engine in any industry. The formula is available as Ready to Use 50/50 and Concentrated.

Can you put green antifreeze in a diesel?

Valvoline™ ZEREX™ HD Pre-Charged Green Antifreeze/Coolant is a low-silicate formula charged with special inhibitors to protect heavy duty diesel engines from liner pitting and corrosion.

What antifreeze has ethylene glycol?

Inorganic antifreeze is formulated using Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT), and it contains ethylene glycol.

What is green antifreeze used for?

Green antifreeze is made with special tweaks to the formula specifically to help prevent the corrosion of metals in a vehicle’s cooling system. That older formula is typically meant for vehicles made before the year 2000, which were built with more steel and copper components than modern vehicles.

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What brand of antifreeze is Hoat?

Valvoline’s Zerex G-05 antifreeze is a hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) chemistry that combines the best of conventional and organic acid-based chemistry to provide protection against rust and corrosion.

What kind of antifreeze do I need?

For most vehicles, a glycol based antifreeze coolant is the best type of coolant to be used in any vehicle radiator. However, using the glycol based antifreeze alone is usually not a good idea. In most cases, you will need to mix the glycol based antifreeze with a certain amount of water.