What is motor cab Lpv?

What is Lpv vehicle?

LPV. Light Patrol Vehicle. Governmental » Military — and more…

What is the meaning of motor cab Lpv?

LPV Full Form is Low- Pressure Vent.

What is meant by motor cab?

A Motor Cab is a Motor Vehicle constructed/ adapted to carry not more than 6 passengers excluding driver. … A Maxi Cab is also generally engaged for hire or reward.

What is maxi cab Lpv?

Maxi cab means any motor vehicle constructed or adapted to carry more than six passengers, but not more than twelve passengers, excluding the driver, for hire or reward; Sample 1. Sample 2. Sample 3.

What Lpv means?


Acronym Definition
LPV Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (aviation)
LPV Linear Parameter-Varying (systems and controls)
LPV Long Period Variable (astronomy)
LPV Land Product Validation

What is difference between LPV and LMV?

A Private Car cannot be legally used for any business activity that involves transport of goods or commodities. Such private cars are registered under the category of LMV with the RTO. … A commercial car will be registered as LPV with the RTO.

Which car comes under LMV?

Driving Licence Categories and Class of Vehicles in India

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Licence Class Vehicle Type
LMV-NT Vehicles like jeep and motor cars fall under the Light Motor Vehicle Category but these are of non-transport class.
FVG Vehicles without gears fall under this category like scooters and mopeds.

Can LMV license holder can drive commercial vehicle?

In its order on Wednesday, STA said that LMV driving licence holders can drive transport category vehicles (goods and passengers) like mini-bus, mini-truck, taxi, auto-rickshaw, light commercial vehicles, and others, without a separate transport endorsement in a driving licence.

What is MCWG and LMV in driving Licence?

MCWG or MC With Gear or M/CYCL.WG (Motorcycle With Gear) — all motorcycles, engine capacity more than 175cc. LMV-NT (Light Motor Vehicle—Non Transport) — for personal use only. LMV-INVCRG-NT (Light Motor Vehicle—Invalid Carrige-Non Transport) — for personal use by physically handicapped persons only.

What is the age limit for driving transport vehicles?

Transport vehicle license is issued to a person who has completed 20 years of age. Heavy motor vehicle license: The heavy motor vehicle license covers license necessary to drive trucks, lorries and other such vehicles It is issued to anyone who is 20 years of age and has finished schooling till 8th standard.

What is a stage carriage?

stage carriage means a motor vehicle constructed or adapted to carry more than six passengers excluding the driver for hire or reward at separate fares paid by or for individual passengers, either for the whole journey or for stages of the journey; Sample 1.